Everyone is different and prefers solutions that are convenient for them at any given time. MBP Express values diversity, so it offers its customers several ways to pay for orders. All of them are convenient and secure.

Enjoy your shopping! 

1. cash on delivery

If for various reasons you do not want to make prepayments, you can choose cash on delivery. This is one of the most popular and secure methods. You hand the amount due for the order to the courier only when you receive the shipment. Remember to prepare a deducted amount of money - this will help you avoid a situation in which the courier will not be able to give you the rest.

IMPORTANT: cash on delivery service is not valid for InPost parcel machines.

2. Przelewy24

Instant online transfer is currently the most well-liked payment method in Poland. Its undoubted advantages are speed and security. In our store, the Przelewy24 system, which has a Certificate of Business Credibility and encrypts all its transactions via SSL, is responsible for handling e-transfers. If you choose this method, the system will redirect you to the Przelewy24 website, where you need to indicate your bank. After logging into online banking, an automatically filled transfer form for authorization will already be waiting in your account. You'll need to check the compatibility of the data and confirm the payment. You will then return to our store's website. The order will then be automatically placed, while we will forward it for processing only after the payment is credited - this is usually done in just a few minutes.

3. traditional transfer

Traditional transfer is a highly trusted form of payment. However, you need to know that all online stores - including ours - send packages only after the payment is credited. The time of the whole operation depends on the bank, so despite our efforts, the whole transaction may be a bit longer. To make a transfer, you need to fill out a special blank (you can find the account number and contact information of our store below), which you then need to take to the post office, payment agency or bank. You can also use the online option of traditional domestic transfer. When you do this, the money will arrive on the second business day or later at the earliest. Unless the transfer is made within a single bank - then the whole operation is usually expedited.

IMPORTANT: remember to include your order number in the title of the transfer, so that we will be able to complete it faster.


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4. Payment card

Payment card is the basic form of payment made over the Internet and is completely secure. To use this method, you need to enter the following into a special form: card number, expiration date and CVV number located on the back next to the signature pattern. You should not be afraid of this method - payment card transactions are additionally secured by SSL encryption. Once the card is verified, which usually happens instantly, your bank account will be debited and the amount due for the goods will be transferred to our store.