1.       In case the goods purchased from us turn out to be defective, you have the right to to complain about it based on the warranty. It is best to submit the complaint to the following address e-mail: reklamacje@mbpexpress.eu or by mail to the address ul. Jana Pawła II 28, 63-800 Gostyń.

2.       In connection with a defect, you can demand:

2.1.    replacement of the item with a defect-free one,

2.2.    removal of the defect,

2.3.    make a statement about:

2.3.1. reduce the price,

2.3.2. withdraw from the contract - in case of a material defect.

3.       We are liable to you for defects found before the expiration of 1 year from the the date of issue of the item. As a rule, you can file a complaint within one year of noticing the defect, but the time for filing a complaint cannot end before the expiration of the period of the seller's liability.

4.       We will consider your complaint (respond to it) within 14 days from the date of receipt of your complaint by us complaint.

5.       You can find more information on complaints in our Terms and Conditions of of sale.

6.       the complained goods should be sent to the address: Gostyńska 14A Street, 63-860 Pogorzela